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Outside & Inside the 9 to 5... The Airelle Skincare Story

The following article was published in the SDPA's Journal of Dermatology for Physician Assistants. Airelle's founders share their inspiration and passion behind Airelle Skin:

On the surface, it seems unlikely that the grandeur and fantasy of Hollywood could unite in perfect harmony with the discipline and science of dermatology. Yet that’s precisely how Airelle® Skincare was born. is unexpected collaboration began when Stephen D’Amato, First Assistant Director on some of primetime TV's hottest shows, sought the expertise of his wife, Kasey Drapeau-D’Amato, an aesthetic dermatology PA with more than ten years of experience. The pair joined forces in an effort to fill a void in the skincare and anti-aging regimens of many of Hollywood’s top actors, actresses, models, aestheticians and makeup artists.


Stephen repeatedly observed the new challenges posed to makeup artists and lighting technicians due to the transition to High Definition Cameras. “Although Hi-Def cameras deliver vivid clarity and resolution to the images they capture, they also bring out the imperfections which were never quite as noticeable; specifically imperfections in the skin.” During lengthy film shoots, Stephen observed some recurring issues. Actors were spending more time in the makeup chair; Directors of Photography were spending more time lighting the actors; and makeup artists were seeking more effective skincare products.

“Hollywood demands natural skincare products that work quickly – almost instantly – and they expect those products to deliver noticeable, lasting results,” Stephen explains. “Actors’ hectic schedules make it difficult to schedule in-office procedures, so they rely on skincare products to maintain their beautiful, youthful complexions.”

In addition, Stephen knew makeup alone would no longer be enough to mask skin imperfections when placed under the microscope of ultra-high definition televisions and movie screens. Therefore, Stephen sought the expertise of his wife, Kasey, a dermatology PA, with the goal of developing a skincare line unlike anything on the market.

“Stephen and I worked diligently to develop a line of natural products capable of helping people achieve their true skin potential, while also helping protect skin from environmental damage and the various signs of aging,” Kasey explains. “We knew the end result had to create beautiful skin, capable of withstanding the critical eye of the modern HDTVs.”


Together, Stephen and Kasey began scouring the globe in search of the most innovative and effective natural ingredients. In addition, they resolved to recruit a team of the world’s leading dermatological scientists and formulators. Their mission was to develop a line of anti-aging skincare products that work fast, help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protect the skin to help prevent wrinkles from forming.

“I believe that being proactive and protecting the collagen is the key to maintaining healthy, vibrant, youthful-looking skin,” says Kasey. “Environmental damage is a leading cause of skin damage and collagen breakdown. If we can develop a product line that protects collagen, we can revolutionize the way the world thinks about skincare.”

Stephen and Kasey collaborated with top European dermatology experts, many of whom are heralded as leaders in the eld of photoaging science, as well as leading U.S.-based cosmetic chemists and formulators. In addition, the duo partnered with ex- pharmaceutical sales and marketing experts to help develop and refine their vision.


In 2014, Airelle® Skincare was officially launched to the physician market. Through the launch, Stephen and Kasey fulfilled their goal of bringing to market a natural line of anti-aging products developed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in less than twenty-eight days, and to protect collagen in an effort to prevent future wrinkles from forming.