Father’s need a Simple and Healthy Skin Care Routine, too! (Part II)

Picking up from our last skincare post, it’s important for a man to have a skincare routine - it can be simple and effective - especially if you introduce him to Airelle!

Here are a few additional skin tips:

Once or twice a week get rid of the dead skin on your face by using an exfoliating cleanser. 

Exfoliate before shaving — don’t exfoliate freshly shaved skin, it will only increase irritation.

Try our Exfoliating Cleanser with Glycolic & Bamboo. It removes impurities and brightens skin.

Coupled with our Eye & Lip Treatment, Dad can quickly cleanse and target, then get back to the grill or big game!

Check out Airelle’s full line of powerful skin care products here.

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"I've been using the exfoliating cleanser for over a month now. Right away when using the cleanser I noticed how fresh, clean and smooth my skin felt. After just a few washes, I also saw improvement in my pores without feeling like my skin was dried out." -- Sara

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