Shape up Your Skincare Routine for Summer!

How many steps is your current skin care routine, and are they necessary? 

Now's the time to get your skincare routine in shape for the holidays - reduce your routine, and your packing, so you can spend more time enjoying beach parties and bike rides!

It’s easy to buy a product line and follow step after step after step - yet what’s the difference between a toner, a serum, eye cream, a face cream, a neck cream, a moisturizer, and a primer…and what do they really do?

Instead of wowing you with more products, let’s talk about the important steps to building healthy and glowing skin - and what Airelle products may help you.

  • Step One: Cleanse - The critical first step -  remove impurities and dead skin cells; brighten skin.
  • Step Two: Tighten - Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from sun damage; reduce facial shine.
  • Step Three: Hydrate - Reduce appearance of wrinkles and smooth skin; brighten and firm skin.
  • Step Four: Target - Target the delicate areas around the eyes and lip to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, puffy eyes and dark circles.
  • Step Five: Condition - Nourish and hydrate the skin - especially sun-damaged skin.

Luckily, Airelle identified these simple steps and developed an antioxidant combination of skincare products that prevent wrinkle formation from environmental damage like UV exposure.

If you need to:

To make it even EASIER, we’ve packaged three of our basics into a compact Berrimatrix™Travel Set - perfect for Summer travel and beauty on the go.

From a radiant customer... "My skin feels like I had a facial everyday!" – Kelly J

How will you reduce your beauty routine and have more time for Summertime fun?

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