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Take your Healthy Skincare Routine on the Road!

Does your skincare routine flounder when you are traveling? Do you find yourself trying to cram all your products into a little bag or have to check a bag because your products are too large for a carry on? 

Why let your face suffer while you are away from home? You don’t! Here are tips to easily and efficiently packing your bags and hitting the road!

Skincare Products:

  • Some skincare lines have travel sets so you can stay true to your regime and adhere to airport security guidelines. It’s a bonus if the bottle and jars are re-fillable.
  • You can probably go without your weekly mask or deep conditioner. Focus on the basics.
  • Pack them in a spill-proof case so they don’t ruin your favorite sundress.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen, scarf, hat & sunglasses!

Healthy Snacks:

  • Regardless of how you travel, always pack healthy snacks. Don’t rely on salty snacks nourish you. You’ll get dehydrated and your skin will suffer.
  • Pack fruits (you know we love blueberries!),  raw nuts, granola (honey is a plus), veggies and unsalted popcorn.


  • Remember to hydrate…water is great yet there are other choices, too. Treat yourself to coconut water, berry smoothies, almond milk or green ice tea. All of these are packed ready for an adventure.

Make sure you have a sassy bag to carry — no more plain black - everyone has one. Be unique!

Did you know Airelle has a handy Travel Set that fits into a carryon AND is refillable?! 

The set includes our Berrimatrix™ Exfoliating Cleanser with Glycolic and Bamboo, Age Defying Facial Serum and Intense Repair Complex - you can give your skin that special TLC no matter where you are!

What are your travel essentials? 

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