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How to Get Your Skin Ready for the Summer!

Memorial Day is only a few days away and that means summer is just around the corner. Now that your skin has battled against the cold, dry winter air, it is time to switch gears when it comes to skincare. Here are some tips to prepare your skin for the summer. 

Choose a lighter moisturizer. 

If your current moisturizer was keeping your skin hydrated during the winter months, chances are it will be too heavy for the summer time. Switch to a lighter moisturizer to avoid looking & feeling greasy. The Airelle Berrimatrix Intense Repair Complex is a fantastic choice for all seasons! It’s light consistency helps it absorb easily into the skin without feeling greasy or sticky. But, it’s also packed with powerful, effective ingredients to keep your skin conditioned and hydrated even during the dry winter months.


In the winter, the cold air dries your skin, so it is important to remove the dull and dead skin cells to maintain a healthy complexion. Exfoliating many times a week may be necessary depending on your skin type. In the spring, the weather gets warmer and is less harsh on your skin. You may only need to exfoliate once a week to keep your skin soft. Using an exfoliating facial cleanser is a great way to deeply cleanse and remove dead skin cells, while helping to save some time during your morning routine. 

Increase sunscreen use.

It is recommended to protect your skin against damaging UV rays all year long. The beautiful summer weather usually allows us to spend more time outside in the sun, so it is very important to apply sunscreen daily. Many foundations and other makeup products contain SPF, but it is always good to apply a separate sunscreen on your skin to ensure thorough protection.

If you are looking for the perfect skin care products for the summer, Airelle Skin has your answer. The Airelle products are very lightweight and made from natural ingredients. Some products are also designed to help protect against UV and infrared damage, which is very important in maintaining healthy skin. Airelle products will leave your skin feeling brighter and refreshed just in time for summer! Click here to learn more about Airelle.

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