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Beauty Juice: All About Acai Berry

Want to boost your daily nutritional value while boasting healthy hair, skin and nails? Welcome popular superfood acai berry!

For those of you that may not know, acai berry comes from a type of palm tree that is native to the Amazon rainforest region. It produces small, dark purple berries that have been providing Brazilian natives with healing properties for thousands of years. The high nutritional value of this berry offers a combination of antioxidants, amino acids and omega fatty acids—three ingredients that help slow the aging process by boosting immune and metabolic function and removing destructive free radicals.

Also, acai berries pack more grams of protein than egg and when its combined with those omega fatty acids, acai has the ability to improve the look and texture of your hair, skin and nails, according to a recent study.

So how can you incorporate more acai in to your diet? You’ll find a bevy of fresh juices in the grocery store but just make sure your fact-checking the label. According to Dr. Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN, make sure the first ingredients on the bottle is acai and is fortified with extra vitamins and minerals (think 1,000 percent of the daily value of vitamin B12).

You can also incorporate acai into your skin care routine. The Berrimatrix Intense Repair Complex is formulated with an acai extract and helps hydrate parched skin. In fact, the LA Times rated it a winter must have.

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