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Why Skin May Be Aging Prematurely

Why Skin May Be Aging Prematurely

While only 30-something years old, you’re starting to notice these tiny lines near the outer corner of your eyes. Dark circles always ensue every morning. Are you getting old? You shouldn’t be, but the truth is, there are multiple factors contributing to your premature aging.


The mind plays a significant role in whether we are aging faster or slower, and we can use the mind to help us accelerate or decelerate the process. Perpetual anger and distress can form on the face (those fine lines and wrinkles are the results). So, lesson learned: mind over matter.

Biological Clock. 

According to an article in the Dermatology Times, if you use any agent to damage the DNA in a cell, you’ll damage DNA throughout the genome. Telomeres have a strong connection to human aging.


A study on 58 healthy women was conducted to measure the impact of stress on aging. 19 women had a healthy child while 39 had a chronically ill child. Study authors measured peripheral blood lymphocytes for those women for their telomere function and length. The results: researchers found a “statistically significant different” in telomere length between two groups.

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