Top 3 Tips to Get Back on Track After Thanksgiving

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Did you fall off the healthy living wagon this Thanksgiving? Unable to get off the couch? Still feeling the effects of that turkey tryptophan? Whether you ate too much or are lacking the energy to get back into your workoutroutine, here are three tips from top fitness experts on how to get back on track after the Thanksgiving holiday!

3 Tips to Get Back in the Healthy Groove

1. Pop in a fun fitness DVD.If you don't feel like getting off the couch, then it may be a bit much to expect yourself to get out of the house and to the gym. Instead, work out in your living room with a fitness DVD! Bianca Jade, fitness trend expert and editor in chief of says to chose a fun, dance-fitness DVD that's entertaining, like the Pussycat Dolls workout DVD. "It may sound cliche'd, but a fitness DVD can give you a burst of energy and a healthy workout in 30 minutes, tops," Jade says. "Dancing leans out your tummy, especially with all the twists and lower body shaking in this video. This DVD will put a smile on your face in the way no gym establishment can."

2. Stock up on protein and veggies. If you overdid it on Thanksgiving, make sure that the following two days include meals high in protein, which signals your body to burn body fat, and fiber from vegetables, says Ariane Hundt, New York City-based PersonalTrainer, nutritionist and founder of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp. "Stay away entirely from sugar and starches, as these signal your body to store fat," Hundt says. "Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated because foods high in starch and sugar make you retain lots of water, and water makes your body rehydrate and get rid of excess water."

3. Do a high-intensity workout 12 to 16 hours after a big meal. Working out hard during this timeframe helps your body burn off the energy in the muscles and liver. Hundt recommends going for a fast run, a high-intensity strength training workout or a combination of the two."You're avoiding that the extra energy gets stored away as body fat," she says. 


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