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No-Makeup Makeup Tips from Guest Blogger Allison Morgan

The following blog post is from Allison Morgan:
No-Makeup Makeup Tips - by Allison Morgan
Founder and Makeup Artist, Makeup Therapy By Allison 

The “no-makeup” makeup look has been popular for decades now, and constantly reappears with new products which promise to give you the most natural results possible.  

In my opinion, the most natural results come from having good skin to begin with.  I always tell my clients that good skin is the best foundation they can hope for.  

When I started using Airelle, I noticed that the Age-Defying Facial Serum and Intense Repair Complex acted as a really powerful and effective primer.  For those who don’t quite know what a primer does, it helps to even out your skin’s texture, minimize your pores, and create a smooth canvas for makeup applications.  

Below are my tips for natural looking makeup: 

1) Use a good concealer.  

My personal favorites are NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit.  My tip?  Choose a tone that matches your skin, not one lighter than your own skin.  In the past, women were encouraged to get a color lighter than their own skintone.  The problem with that is you end up looking too light and it won’t blend well.  When it comes to blending, skip using your fingers, as we tend to pull on our skin more than we need to.  Opt for a foundation brush, such as the Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush.  It really helps diffuse the color so it appears as natural as possible.  

2) A neutral eyeshadow is all you need.   My favorites are Laura Mercier’s eye basics in Flax and eyes lips face studio cream eyeshadow in candlelight or natural glow.  You can use your fingers to apply them, and they even out any redness on your eyelids.  

3 ) Mascara is your friend.   My personal fave?  L’Oreal Luminous Mascara.  At $7.00 a tube, it can’t be beat.  

4) Skip the blush.   Instead, buy the lightest, matte-finish bronzer you can find.  Rimmel London makes a great option.  Yes, winter is coming but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake that healthy glow year-round.  If you prefer a traditional blush, look for one that would be a close match to your own skin.  

5) Forget lipstick.  Gloss and lip liner is the best choice.  My favorite combination is Urban Decay Glide-On Lip Pencil in O-zone (it has no tint, but does the job), and Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss in Shade S2 - described as a pearly light beige.  

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