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Airelle Skin Reviews - Read What Others are Saying About our Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care

Here are some of the reviews about Airelle's natural anti-aging skin care products with organic ingredients. We are updating this page so visit often -- or leave a review under your favorite product or products here:



I was at first skeptical about The Airelle products because everyone claims to be “natural” or “reduce wrinkles” but what I have seen over the last few weeks confirms that Airelle is both natural and effective….

I have severe eye allergies and can not put anything near my eyes, yet I have had absolutely no negative reaction from the eye serum.

Also as the summer wears on and I continue to expose my skin to the rays (which unfortunately I still do as it is so short lived in Canada) I usually end up with a lot of new wrinkles around my eyes. The serum seems to be reducing the damaging affect of the sun and the face cream is keeping the rest of my skin soft and glowing.


I've been using the Exfoliating Cleanser and love it! It has the perfect level of exfoliation- not too harsh, but enough to smooth out my skin. The cleanser smells and feels fresh without being overpowering or leaving any residue, thanks to being natural. I have combination skin, oily in parts and dry in other, and this
product addresses both without overdrying or undercleaning! This product has really improved my skin clairity. Love it, love it! 
-- Amy

Airelle rocks! I like that I get results fast. The serum makes my skin feel instantly fresh, and truly natural products are hard to find.  It’s great to have a product that actually works. -- Britt W.

I was never a " user" of any skincare products. But this one was so easy, and so fast-acting, I'm hooked! After 30 days people started commenting on my skin! Seriously. Love it.

As a man, you don't ever think about using anti-aging facial products. Because that stuff is for women right! Well I began to use this product because my wife kept pushing it in front of me while in the bathroom pointing out my forehead wrinkles. I have to say the results after only a few weeks may have converted me into a new metrosexual. 

Can't give enough praise to Airelle. -- Sean

I love the age defying facial serum its smells good and is easy to apply without feeling oily. Makes my feel firmer and look wonderful . I love this product.

After the first time I used Airelle’s Intense Repair Complex with Copper & Vitamin E, I noticed my skin and pores felt tighter. Within weeks, friends were asking what I was doing differently! This is now my go to product and I don’t go a day without it.” –- Stephanie S.

I like that the Intense Repair Complex goes on light and does not make me breakout as I am prone to breakouts. It noticeably decreased the lines around my eyes and does not have a perfume or medicine like smell.  The pores on my nose and cheeks are noticeably smaller! Great product! –- J. Scarano 

I received my Berrimatrix Intense Repair Complex yesterday and applied using it today. Love the soft feel it leaves to my face. Thank you for sponsoring a neat giveaway. -- Carole J.

FAVORITE LOTION! I've been using the Intense Repair Complex with Copper & Vitamin E along with the Eye & Lip treatment for about 6 months. This is a lotion unlike I have ever used before. It doesn't just moisturize my skin, it completely changed and evened out my oily and dry spots. Now my skin seems to keep an even and consistent glow. I also love how this particular lotion doesn't really feel like a lotion! It is lightweight and really doesn't feel like you are suffocating your skin after application. I can't imagine using anything else as I am very picky with the ingredients and quality that go into a face product. I like to believe that this lotion and a lot of drinking water will keep me looking young and healthy for many years to come! -- Lena, Sonoma

In addition to the Berrimatrix Eye & Lip Treatment’s intended purpose, I have been using it on my parentheses (smile lines). Wow! What a difference! I had been considering injectables. I can now put that off!

The Eye and Lip Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid is perfect for those fine lines around my eyes and nights when I don’t get enough sleep.  I may be in my mid thirties, but I certainly do not want to show it.  Airelle definitely has me covered.  IN fact, people are often guessing that I am in my twenties.  Thanks Airelle! -– Stephanie S

Loving Airelle! Notice how soft my skin feels and also a difference in the smoothness and evenness of my skin appears. As a person that has problems with scented lotions used around my eyes.I’ve not had any issues with Airelle. Loving it! -– Terry R. 

A friend gave me the travel kit as a gift, and I absolutely fell in love with this line. My favorite product of the bunch, however, was this phenomenal eye and lip roller which spot treats all your "trouble" areas. I know it's supposed to take a few weeks to see results, but I can actually feel my that my face is firmer immediately after rolling this on! It's my favorite pick-me-up for tired looking eyes in the middle of the workday, and even more refreshing when I remember to put it in the fridge beforehand! -- Jamie


Airelle's natural anti-aging face and skin care treatments are made with organic ingredients. Read more at Airelle's Blog or purchase their Berrimatrix productsmade with blueberries, antioxidants and botanicals.

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