Manuka Honey and the Skin

Manuka honey has been used in the medical world for years. It's soothing and antibacterial properties have made it a great natural remedy for healing wounds. Recently, manuka honey has started to pique the interest of many in the cosmetic world because of it's antioxidant properties and ability to reduce inflammation. 

Manuka honey is extremely beneficial for the skin and can help with many different skin problem. Manuka honey has healing agents which make it a great way to help heal inflamed and irritated skin. In addition to it's healing and anti-inflamatory agents, honey is also packed with antioxidants which make it extremely beneficial for your skin. You can apply honey directly to your face, but using a facial mask that is made with manuka honey and other organic ingredients can be even more beneficial. 

Airelle Skin just released their brand new Berrimatrix Manuka Mask that could be the perfect option for dull, dry skin. If you are interested in learning more about the all natural mask, click here.

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