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How Often Should You Be Exfoliating

We receive a lot of questions at Airelle whether our BERRIMATRIX™ Exfoliating Cleanser with Glycolic and Bamboo is gentle enough to use daily. The answer is yes, our cleanser is safe to use every day. Here is some information about exfoliating. Exfoliators are a great way to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Exfoliators are crucial in removing the dead skin cells that can often cling to your pores and cause breakouts. With the average adult losing nearly 50,000 skin cells every minute, it is important to make sure those dead cells are removed from your skin. Though the exfoliation process is very important in maintaining healthy and beautiful skin, it is important to choose your exfoliator carefully. Using an exfoliator that is too harsh for your skin may actually cause more harm than good. We recommend switching to a natural facial cleanser, as it allows you to exfoliate more often. There are many questions floating around the beauty world as to how often you should exfoliate. That answer all depends on your skin type and how “harsh” your cleanser is. If the product is mild and designed for sensitive skin, daily exfoliation is fine. If you are using a harsher cleanser you may notice your skin become red and irritated. If this happens you need to either switch to a more gentle exfoliating facial cleanser or exfoliate less often. It is a common misconception that those with acne prone skin should exfoliate more. This is not true. Over exfoliation causes breakouts and aggravates acne prone skin, as well as cause inflammation and redness. If you suffer from breakouts you need to be very particular in the cleanser you choose. Acne prone skin is typically very sensitive and can not handle a product full of harsh chemicals. It is best to switch to a mild, all natural skin care product. We suggest switching to an exfoliator that contain biodegradable "beads", like the Airelle Berrimatrix Exfoliating Cleanser, rather that synthetic plastic beads that end up going down your sink drain. If you are not sure how often you need to exfoliate, it is important to look at your skin after the process. The goal of exfoliation is to leave your skin feeling softer and looking healthier. If your skin is looking red and irritated that could mean you are either over exfoliating or using too harsh of a cleanser. It is important to listen to you body. How often do you exfoliate? Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page Learn more or purchase our BERRIMATRIX™ Exfoliating Cleanser with Glycolic and Bamboo or visit to learn more about our natural anti-agin skin care treatments.

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