Let’s face it…it is easy to get caught up in the midst of our fast-paced lives! Free yourself of the stress in your life that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, tired, anxious and totally frazzled! Environmental, physical and emotional stress will actually show in your skin. Lack of sleep and extreme fatigue will result in dull skin, dark under eye circles and breakouts. There are natural ways to lessen or manage the daily stress you encounter, here are some to consider! Six Natural Stress Relievers 1) Breathe deeply. This is the best way to reduce anxiety. By controlling your breathing and taking a few deep, slow breaths you allow yourself a mental timeout. Take it to the next level and sign up for a yoga class in your local community to really help you overcome anxiety. You will be amazed at the benefits you will see after only a few classes! 2) Begin your day with meditating. Find a quiet place to sit down and gather your thoughts so that you are at ease and have a peaceful mind frame. Meditation is a great way to regain focus and live in the moment! Try to forget about the small things that cause you stress and focus on all of the good that the world has to offer. 3) Exercise regularly. Exercise is known as a great way to release frustration! Going for a brief walk not only allows you to view beautiful scenery, but it can also do wonders with calming the nervous system. Grab your dog, a friend or just some good tunes and get moving! 4) Change your diet. Make an effort to stay away from sugar and caffeine when you are stressed because they are known to increase the release of stress hormones like adrenaline. This can result in mood swings and make you feel even more tired and lousy. Create a diet that has well-balanced meals and healthy snacks to keep your body and mind feeling sharp and fresh. 5) Get on a sleep schedule. Do not sabotage your body by staying up late and then regretting it the next morning! We have all been there – yikes! Initiate a bedtime routine. The key to going to sleep at a proper hour is to ease your mind before bed. Dim the lights, lower the volume, take a few deep breaths and relax! 6) Treat yourself! Sometimes you just have to treat yourself! Take a Saturday off and make an appointment at a resort spa specializes in natural skin care treatments. This will help your skin both detox and get nourished while you mentally relax and escape from your daily life. Natural face care will deliver much needed antioxidants and minerals! The escape from reality will cleanse your mind while the treatment purifies and detoxifies your skin. You will leave the spa glowing inside and out. You deserve it! Take the time to focus on you and restoring your energy and well-being. You will see the most impact if you make natural stress relievers a way of life.

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