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Keep hair hydrated and beautiful all winter long

​Have you noticed that your hair has become dry and unmanageable? That might be because of the cold and dry weather. Well, actually it’s due to all the dry hot air we are exposed to as we turn on our indoor heat to keep warm during the cold winter months. Much like your skin, your hair is also prone to dryness from the hot air in your car and home. The warm and dry air causes moisture to be pulled out of the hair. Here are a few tips to keep your hair hydrated and looking beautiful this winter.

Use a deep moisturizing mask. One of the cures to dry hair is to use a deep moisturizing mask at least once a week to give your hair the moisture it needs. Treat your hair like you would your skin. You most likely use a heavy moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated in the winter, so do the same for your hair. Some of the best hair care and best skin care products are all natural and entirely beneficial for you.

Change products for the weather. Maybe the cold winter air is causing your hair to dry out, or maybe it is causing it to look lifeless and flat. Whatever the issue may be, look for products that will address those issues. Just because you may have used certain products during the summer and loved them, doesn’t mean you will get the same results in the winter.

Cut your hair regularly. Dry hair is often brittle and can cause split ends. One of the best ways to prevent split ends is by getting your hair cut regularly. A regular trip to the salon will eliminate the dead ends and will make your hair look much healthier. You can also manage split ends with products that use Keratin. It will help your hair from splitting in between salon visits. You can also treat yourself to a spa day. Many of the best resort spas and best day spas often incorporate scalp massages into their treatment. Scalp massages help stimulate hair growth and will get your natural oils circulating through your hair. 

Take is easy with the blowdryers and straighteners. No one wants to go out into the cold with wet hair, but blow-drying is a major cause of dry and brittle hair. Limit your blow-drying when you can. And when you have to use heat-styling tools, make sure to protect your hair. Use serums and other products especially during those heat styling processes.

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