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Finding Quality in Today’s TV

​Do you come home from a long day at work hoping to find something entertaining to watch on the television, but can only seem to find the some old reality shows or reruns of something you have already seen months ago?  You aren’t alone. I am constantly trying to find something that will take my stresses from the day away, but with all the reality shows flooding the networks it is hard to find good quality programs. We recently discovered a new television network called Cinemoi, and haven’t wanted to change the channel since! 

Cinemoi is a brand new TV channel available on DirecTV offering high-quality entertainment. The channel is bringing creativity and entertainment back to modern television. The new station airs a variety of content from movies, to original TV shows, to behind the scenes coverage at some of the most famous events around the world. We love their great selection of vintage and contemporary movies!

Cinemoi isn’t just for adults, the network runs family-oriented movies all afternoon long and into the evenings, and Cinemoi Kids airs programs for children in the mornings. This is truly a television station the whole family can enjoy!

We were so honored to be a part of the Cinemoi US launch, finally a channel we can be proud to support. I can’t wait to curl up in front of the fireplace this fall with a fresh bowl of popcorn and tune into DirecTV channel 259 for a nice relaxing night.

-Danielle Drapeau

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