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How to Stay in “Bathing Suit” Shape Year-Round

​Take moment to flashback 6 months ago when summer months were just starting to near, many of us were taking a close look at our habits and putting together a work out plan that would get us bathing suit ready as soon as possible. We spent long, hard hours working out and changing our eating habits. Now that we are starting to put away our bathing suits as cooler days quickly approach doesn’t mean our work out plans need to go away too. 

Here are some tips that will help you adjust your summer workout routine for the fall and keep you in bathing suit shape year round:

Stay Warm 

If you live in an area where the season and temperature changes are drastic, it is important to layer up when going for your jog through the neighborhood. The cold weather can put strains on your muscles, so keep them warm to avoid injury. 

Change When and Where You Work Out:

With the kids back in school you may find yourself devoting a lot of time to their extra curricular activities, leaving you with little time in the evening to get to the gym. Instead of going to the gym, do your workout at home. There are a variety of workout videos online that are entertaining and provide a great calorie burn. You can even use these online workouts when you are traveling for business.

Look at your schedule, just because you are now spending your afternoons at football games instead of at the gym doesn’t mean you can scrap your daily workout all together. If you have more time in the mornings, head to the gym before work. Or maybe you can use your lunch hour to get a quick workout in. Just 30 minutes of intense cardio vascular activity can make a big difference in your heart health and your waistline too!

Keep Eating Healthy:

Summer eating habits tend to be lighter and more balanced than in the winter when we all look for those heavy comfort foods like meat and potatoes. As the seasons change try to keep eating those multi colored salads, drinking lots of water, and avoiding processed junk food. Limit the starches and carbs to avoid looking like you are preparing for hibernation. 

Plan for the Holidays: 

Holidays are just around the corner, and that usually means a season of over eating. To compensate for the temptations, add more intensity to your workouts a few times a week to burn off more calories and make up for a few indulgences here and there.

Stay focused and think about next bikini season, and you will be rewarded with more energy and confidence year round!

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