Blueberry Thrills and Beverly Hills: Airelle Buzz

Since we've been handing out some test samples of Airelle products, we have been getting very positive feedback from skin care reviewers, customers, and Hollywood hair and makeup professionals. Our Twitter followers have been especially vocal in their love for Airelle, and we already have product reviews being posted all over the web. 

Our first review came from Renee Hamilton. We provided her with samples two weeks ago and she immediately shared her appreciation by creating a video on Youtube discussing her thoughts on Airelle and how to use our products. It was a great video and we are looking forward to her follow up video that will be posted in the next few weeks. You can check out her video at

Renee also did a Twitter chat where she tweeted about 50 times in a half an hour about why she was drawn to Airelle and why our products are so beneficial for the skin. You can check out everything Renee said at You will have to scroll down to August 29th to find it. 

Here are a couple tweets from Renee: 

“From reviewing @Airelleskin this far, what I love most is the level of antioxidants in each product compared to the norm"

“I like that #Airelleskin has a simple approach to #Skincare "Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tighten, Firm, Hydrate."

We were recently reviewed by beauty blogger Claire. We provided Claire with samples two weeks ago and she has seen huge improvements in her skin already! She wrote about each of the five products we sent her in great detail. She and also posted a before and after picture, where you can really see and appreciate the benefits of our products. You can check out Claire’s fantastic review at

Airelle has also been creating a “buzz” in Hollywood. Several hair and makeup professionals have been using our products and loving them. They have been providing us with great feedback which is helping make our products even better! Airelle will also be making it’s big TV debut this winter on NBC’s newest comedy! 

Thank you Claire and Renee for your reviews! We sincerely appreciate you taking time our of your day to share your Airelle experience with your followers. 

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