Back to School Tips and Tricks

The start of the school year can mean there will be some changes around your house. Your kids aren’t sleeping in until all hours of the day any more, lunches will need to the prepared and packed a head of time, extracurricular activities are starting, and nightly homework routines will need to be implemented. In order to make the back to school transition as smooth as possible for your children, you will need to be very organized.

For parents with young children, the hardest part of the day is typically getting your kids and yourself out the door in the morning. To save time and sanity in the morning, you might want to organize your day the night before. Pack lunches and lay out clothes before bed. It might take you 20 minutes to do this in the morning chaos, but only ten at night when everything is more calm. You may also want to set a morning schedule. Make sure your kids are waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, etc. at the same time each day. Studies have shown that kids do better with some structure and if a routine is in place, this can help eliminate confusion and chaos. 

If your kids are older, you might feel like a taxi driver more than a parent. Sometimes remembering and balancing all of the after school activities can be a challenge. To make sure your not missing a lesson or forgetting to pick someone up after soccer practice, you may want to want to write everything down. Keep a calendar on the fridge with everyone’s schedule on it. For the more tech savvy families you might want to create a family calendar on your computers or phones so that you can set reminders for yourself. If you follow these tips, everyone will know who is going to be home when, and who needs to be picked up where. This will also make planning dinner easier too! 

There are plenty of articles on the internet that offer suggestions for parents and families to help ease the transition into the back to school schedule. It might be worth a minute or two to read through a couple, and find which suggestions fit your family routine the best. 

Here are a few articles that may help you with your back to school routine:

Happy 2012/2013 school year!

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