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Blueberry Thrills & Beverly Hills

When we moved to Los Angeles in 2000 from New England, we did not set out to develop a skin care line. We moved to L.A. after college for Kasey to pursue a career in medicine and for Steve to follow his dreams to work in the exciting world of film production. Fast forward 12 years, and we both discovered that we are super fortunate to be living our dreams! Kasey is a busy dermatology and cosmetic Physician Assistant and Steve has worked on some of the top TV shows of the past decade. 

Growing up in Maine and Rhode Island, we consider ourselves to be a small town couple living in a big city of flashy lights and fancy cars. While this took some getting used to at first, we have learned a lot living in the big city. Our careers and experiences have opened our eyes to many different ways of life. Most of our daily routines are quite opposite, but our worlds do overlap in the area of skin and beauty. While not everyone can look as perfect as a Hollywood starlet, we both encourage people we know to take good care of their skin. 

Kasey was approached by a local spa owner to help develop a unique all natural skin care line. At first this was an overwhelming request but after discussing this with Steve, we both realized this was our chance to help people who want a high quality product made with all natural ingredients. We both hear this request on a daily basis. There is definitely a growing trend for the use of natural and organic skin care products because many people do not like to use anything  that is full of preservatives, fillers, fragrance, or chemicals on their skin. After months of research and working with chemists, we developed Airelle anti-aging skin care. It is well known that anti-oxidants are helpful to the skin so utilizing the antioxidant power of the blueberry from our home state of Maine seemed obvious to us. After multiple formulations, we came up with the perfect combination of ingredients where every single ingredient is beneficial for the skin. We were so determined to create formulas using very concentrated vitamins and antioxidants that we don't even have water in most of our products!

Many people say that we are so devoted to the perfection of Airelle because we don't have any children. Maybe there is some truth to that. All we can say is that we are 100% committed to making the Airelle Anti-aging experience a positive one for our spa and customer partners. Our hope is that with every experience you have with our hand made products, you are reminded of the fresh and powerful ingredients that were carefully selected for aging skin.

The "Welcome to Maine" sign welcomes every visitor to the state and reminds them that this beautiful state represents a very high quality of life full of clean air and good living. We have a similar message for our consumers to reflect our high quality all natural products: Airelle -The Way skin Should be...Naturally.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your Airelle Anti-Aging Experience!

Kasey and Steve D'Amato

Founder and President of Airelle Skin

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