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High-end, luxury anti-aging products are all the rage in the worlds of skincare and beauty. The promise of younger looking, tighter, firmer skin that seems to defy age has created a multi-billion dollar market that’s saturated with competition (and deceptive marketing).

How do I separate the truth from marketing?

Finding effective, trustworthy anti-aging products for your skin can be difficult. The shelves of high end beauty retailers’ stores are crowded with beautifully packaged potions and serums, many of which lead consumers to believe that they can look 18 again – for a steep price.

Unless you’ve got a private jet and disposable income to spend trying different products, spending $50, $100, or more on anti-aging beauty products is a big deal!

Plus, luxury beauty brands spend hundreds of thousands – if not, millions – targeting consumers through online advertising. It’s hard to discern the truth from clever marketing!

What to look for when buying luxury anti-aging products

We certainly don’t mean to scare you, or to imply that high-end anti-aging products are all a scam. That’s absolutely not the case! Our goal is simply to help you make a more informed decision when deciding which age-defying skincare line is right for you.

3 factors to consider when shopping for anti-aging skincare products:

Dermatologist recommendations

Marketing gimmicks and PR spin have no influence on highly educated dermatology professionals. Dermatologists and their staff know which products work, and which are bogus, and they go to great lengths to help their patients find the ideal anti-aging products for their skin type. A dermatologist recommendation is a sure sign of quality and value!

Safe, natural ingredients

Your skin absorbs ingredients from the products you put on it, so it’s important to know what you’re putting on – and inside – your body when using anti-aging products. When evaluating different luxury skincare lines, research the ingredients used by different manufacturers. If the ingredients are highly refined, or contain harsh chemicals, keep looking. We’re proof that natural anti-aging skincare products work great, so don’t settle for harsh chemicals!

Trustworthy reviews

Thanks to the Internet and social media, skincare products that don’t live up to their promises are quickly exposed. On-site reviews can be extremely helpful when making online purchases, but they need to be taken with a grain of salt, as false/misleading reviews are a major problem for online beauty retailers.

When searching for reviews of the best anti-aging skincare products, look for testimonials and “how-to” demonstrations on blogs and video sites (like YouTube). Many educated and trustworthy dermatology professionals, makeup artists, cosmetologists, and stylists love to share amazing skincare products with the world, and to expose the bad ones!

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