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Whether you use a makeup primer on a daily basis, or you’ve never used one in your life, it’s important to know why using a good primer can make or break your makeup application. Plus, virtually every professional makeup artist and stylist in Hollywood uses them!

What is makeup primer?

Makeup primer is a base foundation for your face, which helps make makeup appear smoother and more vibrant, and can help your makeup last longer between applications.

Primers come in many different forms, including creams, gels, and powders – making them easy to apply. They also come in different selections such as tinted or clear, moisturizing or drying, or designed to be applied to certain areas of your face.

How do makeup primers work?

Primers are designed to fill in thin lines and wrinkles, creating a smooth base for your makeup to be applied to. They also work by minimizing the appearance of your pores, providing an even surface to help color-correct different areas of your face. The right makeup primer can help you achieve a smooth, even, natural look that lasts longer during your day.

Do Airelle Skincare products work as a makeup primer?

Many of our customers rave about our products’ excellence when it comes to priming the skin for makeup. Hollywood has taken notice, as well!

Celebrity makeup artist, Marylin Lee – who works on set for top primetime TV shows Dancing With The Stars, The Voice, and American Idol – says, “Airelle prepares and primes the skin for a beautiful makeup application.”

Marylin goes on to explain that Airelle products contain lightweight, quick-drying, natural ingredients that provide a smooth texture in a short amount of time – perfect for makeup applications that have to be done in a hurry.

Check out Marylin’s video review of Airelle Skincare below:

Marylin also shared her love of Airelle Skincare on Twitter:



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