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Why do Celebrities and Beverly Hills Dermatologists love Berrimatrix® in skin care?

Many people underestimate the true power of antioxidants on the skin. Unique antioxidant compounds like Berrimatrix®, a proprietary ingredient found in Airelle® Skin care products, have the ability to not only improve the skin but also protect the skin. This process is called photo-protection which means that this powerful natural ingredient, made with blueberries and other natural botanicals, can help shield the skin from damaging environmental radiation. There are 2 common types of radiation in the environment, UV and IR, both come primarily from the sun’s rays. Exposure to excessive amounts of radiation can lead to collagen breakdown, wrinkle formation, and pre mature aging. Using products that contain ingredients like Berrimatrix® will help improve the skin texture and appearance of wrinkles as well as help protect the skin. If you want to look like a celebrity, now is the time to focus on skin care that makes your skin glow and helps slow the wrinkle forming process to keep you maintaining a young and healthy appearance all throughout life!

With an effective natural skin care that delivers medical grade results, it’s no wonder that publications like LA Times call the Airelle® Skin Hydrating Repair Complex with Berrimatrix® a must have product. E! online and CBS “The Doctors” TV Show have both mentioned the Airelle® Age Defying Serum with Berrimatrix® and the Eye + Lip treatment with Berrimatrix® as products that protect delicate areas around the eyes and act as an amazing makeup primer for the face! Celebrities such as Jenna Elfman, Carrie Ann Inaba, Joey Lawrence, and Jodie Sweeten have all raved about Airelle® Age Defying Serum with Berrimatrix® and Eye and Lip treatment with Berrimatrix® as their go to products on set!There are so many other celebrities that we can’t even mention them all by name because we would be here all day, but I can tell you that many high profile celebrity makeup artists in Hollywood are using this simple skin care system that makes themselves and their celebrity clients feel good, look good, and help slow the aging process!

-Kasey Drapeau D’Amato
CEO and Co-Founder Airelle® Skin with Berrimatrix®

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