Can You Shrink Your Pores? Celebrity Industry Insider Explains

Can You Shrink Your Pores? Celebrity Industry Insider Explains

Our industry expert explains that you cannot change your pore size, BUT you can make them appear smaller. Here's what you need to do!

This is a very common question that I often get in clinical practice.  Most people do not realize you cannot change the size of a pore.  However, you can do things to help minimize their appearance.  Certain procedures and ingredients in skincare can keep the pores cleaned out, appearing as small as possible.  When pores get “blocked” or are not cared for properly they will get buildup.  This buildup is made of oil, skin cells,or debris that then make the pore appear larger. 

Ingredients that increase cell turnover will help minimize the appearance of pores.  Glycolic acid is one of these ingredients, which is why it is a very popular ingredient in skincare.  Linumine, linseed extract, is another ingredient that minimizes the appearance of pores.  Linumine controls sebaceous oil gland activity.  Sebum from the sebaceous oil gland can block a pore if it is being increased in higher amounts than normal.  When the pore is blocked it can both appear larger and actually enlarge. 

Taking care of our skin is very important.  One way that we can help prevent pores from getting larger than they already are is to protect our skin from the sun.  This includes protecting it from UV and IR with sunblock and antioxidants for a more complete protection.

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