How Your Skin Changes in Your 30's- And What You Can Do About It

How Your Skin Changes in Your 30's- And What You Can Do About It

Airelle's certified Dermatology PA, Kasey D'Amato tells you the 3 things she changed about her skincare routine when she turned 30. Plus Kasey discusses the importance of using products that are good for the environment AND your skin! Eco-friendly skincare is the way to go!

Here is Kasey's personal story on how to combat aging at age 30! These 3 tips will set you up for skin success in your 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond! 

Skincare in your 30's? Time to get serious! At this point, you probably started to realize you are not completely invincible and unlike you previously thought, you are not going to be the first person to defy age completely. Besides seeing the beginnings of lines and unwanted textural changes you may be struggling with hormonal acne along the chin and jawline (I agree that it's so unfair that this continues waaaay past the age when you should be dealing with acne). In this decade it's time to get wiser and more educated about what is actually in the skincare products you are using.

It's important to make sure you are using products made by companies that are committed to using natural ingredients that are not only safe for our bodies but safe for the environment. EWG is a great source for evaluating individual ingredients, not only will it tell you if they do not deem it safe for us or Mother Earth, but it will tell you why! Did you know some products are actually polluting the environment during production? As consumers it's important to demand that companies make environmental concerns a top priority. As a consumer you can do your part by not supporting companies that do not prioritize using natural and safe ingredients.

Secondly, at this age it is important to use products that help keep our skin fresh and clear of scars or unwanted pigmentation. Glycolic Acid is a powerful ingredient to help increase cell turnover. It even helps blemish prone skin when that pesky hormonal acne does show up to ruin you day.

Lastly, continue the daily mantra of protection. In your 30's this is becoming more important everyday. Daily use of zinc and titanium sunblocks, and antioxidant serums are a vital part of an effective long term anti-aging routine. This may not be a change to your routine, but a commitment to continue diligence with sunscreen and antioxidant use. It's easy to get busy and lazy at times, especially in the decade of the 30's which often can be very busy with careers, kids, education and family. Make your commitment and this will be paid in dividends in the decades to come!

Here are two of Kasey's must-have products for 30 year old skin:

1. Airelle's Exfoliating Cleanser

2. Airelle's Age-Defying Facial Serum 

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