Keep Your Skin Healthy During Holiday Travel

Airelle's Director of Research & Development and Dermatology PA, Katherine Wilkens, tells you why it is SO important to always travel with a proper skincare routine.

First, we asked her:

Why is traveling hard on the skin?

If you are traveling on an airplane, your skin gets dehydrated from the dry recirculated air in the plane. Travel can be hectic and unpredictable, which stresses out the skin. Factors such as cold weather, too much sugar, lack of sleep, and too much alcohol, can all contribute to dry, dull, and acne-prone skin.

So, then we asked:

What can we do to help combat the stress of traveling on our skin?

It's important to make sure your skin stays clean and fresh by exfoliating away any dirt or impurities. It is best to use a gentle, yet effective Cleanser like the Airelle Exfoliating Cleanser. Made with glycolic acid- one of the best ingredients for exfoliation.

Next, you need to moisturize the skin with super hydrating antioxidants. Airelle's Intense Hydrating Repair Complex contains ingredients such as Berrimatrix, Aloe Vera, and Copper which will immediately soothe the skin. 

Once your skin is hydrated, you will want to use an Anti-Aging Serum to achieve a plump, dewy look. Use a product such as Airelle's Age-Defying Facial Serum . This Serum contains important natural anti-aging ingredients such as Berrimatrix and Hyaluronic Acid to help you achieve fresh, clear, and bright skin.

Lastly we asked, along with skincare products, what else should I be doing to help my skin?

Taking a multivitamin is great, I like Vitamin A, C, D and E especially for skin.  Overall making sure that you are eating a diet that includes a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is most important.  Getting natural antioxidants and vitamins straight from the source is always best.  

So now you know, It is most important to keep up with your skincare routine while traveling! That is why Airelle's Age-Defying Minis are so great, you can bring them anywhere!

Don't stress over the holidays! 

Grab Airelle's Age-Defying Travel Kit before your next trip!

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