Airelle's Co-founder and CEO, Kasey D'Amato is here to tell you the truth about skincare! Her passion is educating her patients and to help you find truth and honesty in beauty and skincare.

Your skincare journey is important to her and today she is answering your questions with longtime colleague, Katherine Wilkens, a fellow Dermatology PA. 

So, why are some skincare products more expensive then others?

FACT #1: Quality Skincare Research greatly affects the price of a product.

R&D costs are one of the big reasons cosmeceuticals costs can be high. In vitro and in vivo studies can be very, very costly. What Kasey means to say is that In Vitro testing on skin cells, or in Vivo testing on live human skin, requires an experienced R&D team and a lot of time and resources. And brands who are committed to really changing the skin or supporting the skin on a cellular level will go one step further and submit their research to a physician panel called a “peer group” who can confirm that the research is sophisticated enough to be published in medical journal. The first thing you want to investigate is if the skincare brand has scientific research behind its product formulations, and ask if the brand has “peer-reviewed published research”. That is when you know the product is truly worth the cost. It is costly and time-consuming to run scientific testing, to conduct research studies, and to invest in clinical trials and Before & After Studies.

We know you want to see results. In order to see results, you want to know about the quality of the testing and if the product will truly support the skin on a cellular level. If the peer-reviewed research is there you can feel good about your purchase!

FACT #2: Skincare brands that have higher price points are more likely to be using higher quality ingredients.

Sourcing for the truly effective ingredient is not always easy. It takes time to comb through the research to see if an ingredient has true performance and peer-reviewed research.  Not every ingredient needs this level of research but high-quality products will have at least one ingredient that has this kind of data. The amount of an ingredient in a product formulation can weigh in heavily on the price point as well. If there are high concentrations of ingredients that have peer-reviewed published data it will be more expensive because those are the ingredients that have the most time and research dollars invested to ensure they support your skin on a cellular level. Those are the products that are truly worth the extra cost! Invest in real science and sleep better at night knowing that your skin is being taken care of while you sleep!

Knowing these truths about research, it will be clear which brands make the best investments. The more knowledge you have, the better decisions you make when it comes to your skin!

Thank you for being a part of the Airelle skincare community! If you have any questions for Kasey or Katherine, please comment below! 

We are here for you on your skincare journey.

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