Understanding Your Skincare Ingredients

Understanding Your Skincare Ingredients

Do you recognize every ingredient on your skincare label?

Learn more about the ingredients in your skincare products and how they benefit your skin.

Airelle's Co-founder and Dermatology PA, Kasey D'Amato, breaks down every ingredient in each Airelle product, one by one. 

This week, Kasey is highlighting the ingredient Chondrus Crispus, an active ingredient in Airelle's Age-Defying Facial Serum, Age-Defying Eye and Lip Treatment, Intense Hydrating Repair Complex, and Manuka Honey mask. 

What is Chondrus Crispus?

It is a red seaweed used in skincare products for its many benefits! Due to it being a seaweed extract it is packed full of vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to maintain healthy skin.

What are the benefits?

Chondrus Crispus is known to have healing properties and anti inflammatory properties which are essential for healthy skin.

At Airelle, every ingredient in the products have a benefit to the skin. Airelle never uses fillers, waxes, sulfates, parabens, or any harmful chemicals in the products.

Stay tuned for Airelle's next ingredient feature! 

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