How to Stop Breakouts!

​Do you often find yourself suffering from breakouts? Yes, the stress of the work week can be the cause of your flare up, but isn’t the only cause. There are hundreds of items we come in contact with during our every day lives that my be the main cause of your acne. Here are a few common causes of breakouts and how you can fix it. 

Your medication. Prescription drugs you be playing a major role in your breakouts. Any medication that is intended to act like a steroid will often cause breakouts, especially if over used. Topically, cortisone and hydrocortisone ointments act as a steroid to reduce inflammation and sit on your skin causing breakouts. If your medication is being taken internally be aware that the ingredient prednisone is one of the major causes of acne. Aside from steroid-like medications, you also want to watch out for medications containing lithium chloride, and certain forms of iodine. You always want to check the side-effects of your medication to see if it is a common cause of breakouts. 

Your beauty routine. The makeup you are applying to your skin may also be a cause of your acne. Your makeup brushes are also a common culprit. It is important to clean your brushes so you don’t sweep dirt right onto your clean pores. Also, your hair products could be resulting in facial breakout. Many people go to bed with oil or other products in their hair. That product rubs off onto your pillow which ultimately ends up on your face and clogging your pores. Wash your pillow case frequently or sleep with a fresh towel over your pillow to prevent buildup. 

Your cell phone. You probably don’t think it is a common of breakouts, but think about all the dirt and bacteria your phone gathers. We take our phones everywhere and pass them around for friends to look at, yet we rarely clean them. On top of all that, we press them up against our faces. If you are noticing breakouts around your cheek and chin, it is probably due to your cell phone. Wipe down your phone often, and consider using headphones or a bluetooth device to avoid your face coming into contact with your phone. 

Your workout gear. The treadmill, elliptical, yoga mats, dumb bell and so many more are covered with bacteria and dirt. Even if they are your personal equipment, they still collect bacteria. It is important to wipe down everything before your use it. Also, be aware that you clothing could be rubbing against your skin causing it to be irritated, and with sweat running down your body that irritated area can become infected and turn into small acne bumps.  

If you are constantly fighting breakouts, consider that it might be due to one of the everyday items above. If you are fighting breakouts, DO NOT reach for your toothpaste to treat it. Contrary to popular belief, toothpaste will not cure breakouts. In fact it can make your skin worse fluoride and anti-cavity ingredients can be very abrasive, and could potentially burn the skin, cause irritation, and initiate breakouts. If you are looking to treat your breakouts some of the best products to treat acne contain salicylic acid. That will clear up your acne in no time.