Why Wild Blueberries?

Blueberries the ingredients in Airelle Skincare

Maine Wild Blueberries: Nature’s Super Antioxidant.

An ancient powerful fruit still grown in its purest form. Wild and uncultivated, the Maine Wild Blueberry is untouched by modern agriculture and it still contains its mystical properties.

Why is the Blueberry considered the ultimate natural skincare ingredient?

SKIN HEALTH: Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants proven to make your skin glow, boost circulation and help you look younger.

AGE DEFYING: Scientific proven to help your skin look younger. Reduce inflammation, which in turn reduces wrinkles.

COLLAGEN PROTECTION: A natural UV Sunscreen Booster - helping to naturally fortify and protect the skin barrier from the sun and solar UV radiation. The UV radiation negatively impacts the natural collagen at the deepest layers of your skin. 

ACNE PREVENTION: Blueberries carry a lot of Pectin & vitamin E, both have been proven to help clear up toxins that may contribute to breakouts. 

GENTLE ON SKIN: Its strong anti-inflammatory properties help with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.



What makes Airelle unique? 

Berrimatrix. No other skincare or cosmetic company in the world has access to this patented compound. Created in conjunction with one of the most advanced skincare labs in Germany, Berrimatrix is an all-natural anti-aging compound guaranteed to make you look younger and improve the health of your skin. 


Our wild blueberries are sourced at one of the largest grower or organic blueberries. From start to finish - we maintain the highest ingredient authenticity and quality since everything is grown, harvested, with the strictest of controls.

Do any of Airelle’s products contain any additives, synthetics, parabens or preservatives? 

No, we never use artificial additives. It has a natural shelf-life of 2 years due to it's naturally high Vitamin E content. Our compounds are 100% organic, all-natural and pure. The volatile compounds that give products contribute to it's skin-protective properties, such as Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants. Just the way we let nature take it's course in growing our Wild Blueberries, we don't tamper with our natural oil. Some things are better left alone. 

Can I use your products if I have ultra-sensitive or allergy prone skin? 

Yes, our products are safe for all skin types - even skin with Rosacea or Eczema. It's Dermatologist Tested, Clinically Approved, Hypoallergenic and Skin Reaction Tested. 

Can I use your oil if I have acne prone skin?

Yes, our oil is Non-Comedogenic - it will not block pores or promote acne.

Do we test our product on animals?

No, we are PETA certified and never test our products on animals!

Are you vegan and gluten-free?