Beautiful Skin Superfood: Blueberries!

Beautiful Skin Superfood: Blueberries!

Read here the beautiful benefits blueberries can have on your skin. 

About the blueberry:

Did you know that blueberries are a potent superfood for the skin with one of the highest antioxidant levels found in a fruit? 

The entire Airelle line is infused with a proprietary antioxidant blueberry compound called Berrimatrix. This special blueberry compound helps improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, and helps to protect the skin from Infrared and Ultraviolet radiation. 

What is Infrared Radiation?

Infrared radiation has been shown to cause wrinkles and destroy collagen in the skin. Infrared radiation goes deeper in the skin than UV and can damage the collagen. As collagen is damaged it looses the ability to support the structure of the skin. This is why deep, coarse wrinkles can begin to form and the skin can lose its youthful structure. 

What you can do to protect your skin from wrinkles? 

Studies show that Berrimatrix helps protect the skin cells from infrared radiation. It is super important to protect and preserve the collagen in the skin in order to prevent wrinkles. Berrimatrix plays a vital role in helping to protect the skin as well as help improve signs of damage that has already been done.  

Airelle's Berrimatrix:

The Airelle skin line uses the power of the blueberry to not only correct existing wrinkles, but also to help prevent future wrinkles from forming. This tiny blueberry is truly an amazing superfood with 2 in 1 benefits!  

A team of dedicated skincare experts & scientists had all but one goal - discover an all natural formula that would visibly reduce the skin’s natural age better than traditional unsafe chemical treatments. Berrimatrix was the discovery.  

Powered by one of the most nutrient rich fruits in the world - the Wild Blueberry -  and years of research - Berrimatrix changed the way all-natural skincare formulas have since been viewed. 

“Berrimatrix is the most powerful antioxidant ever seen in the skincare industry”

There was just one issue: along with its secret compound most people could not get their hands on Airelle’s products. For years you had to either walk into the offices of leading Beverly Hills Dermatologist clinics, high end spas or visit Hollywood’s famed TV & movie sets. 

That has now changed because the secret is out.

“Airelle’s ability to create a line of completely natural skincare backed by science that truly works, is a game changer” - Dr. Steven Jordan Dermatologist.

What hasn't changed is our core mission: to continue to create clean beauty products that exceed expectations and perform at the highest levels, whilst also being good for you.

No shortcuts or compromises.

Only powerful transformative skincare you can wear with pride that is better for you and our planet. 

Since 2014 Airelle has helped thousands of women & men achieve powerful results & better skincare. It has become a movement that has shined a bright and important light on the power of natural clean beauty products that truly work.