The Best Skincare Routine For Your 40's

Written by Airelle's Co-founder and CEO, Kasey D'Amato, Dermatology PA.

The most important thing you can do at age 40 is to protect your skin early with a preventive skincare routine. Let me make it simple for you!

1. Use a daily sunblock with zinc or titanium.

2. Use skincare products that have antioxidant protection and that can protect you from Infrared Radiation, not just UV! We now know that Infrared Radiation penetrates the skin deeper than UV creating more wrinkles. 

3. Use anti-aging skincare products that help repair aging damage on the skin AND that help protect the collagen that you still have!

You can find this 2 in 1 anti-aging protection in all of Airelle Skin's products. Berrimatrix, found in Airelle products, is an antioxidant compound that has been shown in peer reviewed medical research studies to protect our skin from Infrared Radiation.  

I truly love all of the Airelle products, and using the entire system will deliver the best results! If I had to narrow it down to my top 2 personal favorites, they would be the Intense Hydrating Repair Complex and Age-Defying Eye and Lip Treatment.  For a woman in her 40's who is looking to step up her skincare routine for optimal results & protection, starting out with the Intense Hydrating Repair Complex and Age-Defying Eye and Lip Treatment is a great way to get started with a preventative skincare routine!

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