The Best Skincare Routine for Your 50's

The Best Skincare Routine for Your 50's

The skincare products you should be using in your 50's and beyond! Here are 3 ways to save your skin in your 50's! 

Airelle's Dermatology PA, Kasey D'amato welcomes you to the 50's club!

Read what Kasey recommends to help defy age and keep your youthful glow:

This is truly a great decade! You will truly find this decade to be so refreshing. One can be comfortable in your own skin, literally, know yourself really well and feel confident to make strong and bold decisions.  This comes from experience of course, years of gaining knowledge and hopefully making good habits.  Translate this to your skin and hopefully you have developed some routines of good care and protection.  Don’t fear if you haven’t, there is no time like the present! For example, here are 3 things you should change in your routine as you enter your 50’s:


Every year that you age you have less oil glands in your skin.  This is why you may feel drier and drier.  You should start incorporating a moisturizer on a regular basis after 50. 

Try using Airelle's Intense Hydrating Repair Complex. Found here.

If you are really dry, use Airelle's leave on sleep mask made with Manuka Honey. Found here.


Start committing to making sure you carry your awesome home skincare routine on the road with you.  Whether you travel for work or play, make sure you have travel size components of your scientifically based, effective skincare "on the go" in your travel bag so you don’t have to rely on generic hotel products!  

Bring Airelle's Age-Defying Travel Kit with you on the go! Find it here


 Continue your commitment to protecting your skin.  This means making sure you have sunscreen in the car, purse, travel bags, along with your travel size antioxidant based, protective skincare.  

Airelle's antioxidant- based anti-aging Serum is the best to help protect the skin! Find it here

These are some of the things you can do to make your 50’s a time of continued commitment to skin protection and improvement.  Step up your game in your 50’s and fine tune your routine for an even better and more beautiful future! 

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