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Only Airelle products contain BERRIMATRIX®, a proprietary photoprotective formulation of deeply concentrated blueberry and botanical extracts, with higher antioxidant levels than average blueberry extracts. BERRIMATRIX® formulas help protect the skin cells from damaging ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and are packed with anti-aging ingredients that have been shown to help minimize, slow and, in some cases, reverse the signs of aging on the skin, including:

  • Blueberry extract – shown to help protect against the breakdown of collagen after exposure to UV light
  • Polyphenols – shown to help improve skin texture to protect against photoaging
  • Botanical antioxidants and polyphenols – shown to help protect the skin against harmful UV rays and prevent IR photodamage

The key to BERRIMATRIX®’s efficacy is its unique ability to help protect the skin against the breakdown of collagen resulting from environmental damage caused by exposure to UV and Infrared light. This is crucial to skin preservation because approximately 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun. In addition, 30% of damaging radiation from the sun is caused by Infrared light, which penetrates deeper into the skin where it triggers the breakdown of collagen.

Because it helps protect against collagen breakdown before the first signs of skin aging begin to appear, BERRIMATRIX® may help both women and men alike prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming, helping reduce the need for, and cost of, corrective aesthetic procedures in the future.


Yes! BERRIMATRIX® is derived from natural ingredients, which are free of harsh chemicals.

Airelle® has also gone to great lengths to keep our BERRIMATRIX® skincare products free of artificial fragrances, sulfates and parabens. In addition, all of our products are locally made right here in the USA, and are NEVER tested on animals.