Clinically proven BERRIMATRIX™ is 75x more powerful than  traditional Blueberry extracts. As the key ingredient in all of our products, our Berrimatrix™ complex protects & helps repair the deepest most vital areas of your skin. It is formulated and clinically proven to reverse the early signs of ageing by allowing your skin to build its own Collagen & Elastin levels. These vital proteins are what give your skin its youthfulness. Berrimatrix naturally defends your skin from the Sun’s harmful UV rays, which cause 90% of the visible signs of ageing on your skin.
What is Photoaging? To understand what makes Berrimatrix so powerful, we must first understand what causes the signs of aging in skin. Your skin is damaged daily by exposure to radiation in the form of sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) light - known as photoaging. The most harmful &  damaging radiation is infrared radiation – which penetrates deeper, triggering collagen breakdown; resulting in fine lines, wrinkles & saggy skin.
The Development A highly prized secret which was developed in conjunction with leading global experts & countless hours of research and development. Berrimatrix® contains an organic super-blueberry compound proven in clinical double-blind human studies to counteract wrinkles. The Power of Berrimatrix® - is due to a clinically proven formulation of skin restorative ingredients designed to help protect skin against damaging UV and IR rays. This action helps prevent collagen and elastin breakdown after the sun’s exposure. Scientifically proven by the world’s top scientists to help protect skin and help slow signs of aging and improve the quality and texture of skin. Berrimatrix® is a powerful natural antioxidant compound and is formulated to visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, increase firmness and hydrate your skin.
How it works: The Power of the 3 R’s.  REPAIR - It quickly works to reverse the early signs of aging by repairing fine lines and wrinkles. It traps the skin’s natural moisturizers  RESTORE - It allows your body to naturally restore its Collagen and Elastin levels, which are reduced due to long term sun damage. In some cases the damage REPEAL - By creating a powerful all-natural active barrier against the sun’s harmful UV rays, Berrimatrix acts as a powerful preventative agent allowing your skin to maintain .     Why It's Better - Traditional Skincare - Only treats symptoms - Harsh toxic chemicals needed for this level effectiveness  - Solves one problem at a time +Berrimatrix + All natural  + Clinically teste + Prevents and heals all issues simultaneously
Why BERRIMATRIX® Is Highly Recommended by Dermatologists Berrimatrix® is recommended by the world’s top scientists and highly respected dermatologists to counteract photoaging, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.  Experience our breakthrough technology and see the results! Airelle™ combines BERRIMATRIX® with the world’s most powerful, highly concentrated antioxidants, and other natural bioactive skin care ingredients proven to help nourish and reverse the signs of aging in the skin. This combination of super natural ingredients has demonstrated, through scientific studies, to have amazing results in reducing the appearance of photoaging, fine lines and wrinkles. The efficacy of Airelle™ products has been so significant that some of the world’s top Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and other physicians agree that Airelle is the best natural anti-aging skin care product on the market! We are proud to be the first, natural anti-aging skin care product with BERRIMATRIX® recommended by dozens of Dermatologists and other physicians and continue to gain physician support throughout the U.S.
Our Physician’s Testimonials – Proof positive of the results! “Airelle products have been an amazing addition to our practice. The product line is effective, easy to use, and has been extremely well received by our patients. We frequently have patients maintain nice skin after photofacial and other laser therapies. Our patients love that the line is ‘all natural’ and allows them to maintain amazing skin...” – Kian Karimi, MD, FACS